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Today is one of those days when I wish I had an elegant writing arrangement like this, with space all around it and a distinct lack of clutter that keeps eyeing me suspiciously because I haven’t cleaned it up yet.  I love my writing desk, not least because it’s been in my family for almost a century, but it keeps getting used as a flat surface to put things on.  I also adore the little writing desk that we bought for my Christmas present so I can write more easily on the couch and in bed without straining my neck, but a lovely little space like that would be wonderful.  It looks calm and attentive, just like a new notebook with fresh pages just waiting to be filled.


Isn’t the desk pretty?  It’s really light, fits easily on my lap, and holds lots of notebooks, pens, note cards, and anything else I want to keep close by.  I’d post a picture of my full-size desk, but it’s covered in stationery and boxes and papers right now, so I’ll wait until I clean it off before doing so.  I still haven’t figured out a good way to store all my stationery and note cards so that I can access them easily without having their storage take up space on the few flat surfaces I have, but that’s on my list to figure out this week, along with baking a strawberry cake.

And speaking of strawberry… I’m desperate for color right now, and this wallpaper is so fresh and cheerful that I’d love to put it somewhere.  Changing the walls isn’t an option right now, though, so they’ll stay beige and I’ll have to get my colorful walls from pictures for a while longer.


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I came across a site yesterday that sells the most beautiful little journals with writing prompts.  The journals are made by a woman who wants to encourage everyone to tell their own stories in ways that will entertain, amuse, and make them smile in years to come.  I ordered the {Love Letter} one tonight, and I hope to give it to David as a Christmas or anniversary present once I’ve finished it, depending on how long it takes.  Just looking at the photos on the site of all the lovely journals makes me want to see them in person right now, not in the days it will probably take mine to get here.  The prices are nowhere near as expensive as I had expected, and the shipping was only $1.50 for my $9.00 journal.  I am so excited to see it and use it, and to try some of the others once I finish this one.

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